Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hardware Necklace

Long time no chat, yeah?

Anyway, I wanted to share a little something that I whipped up last week. I saw a necklace kind of like this one on Pinterest [that's right, I finally caved last week and made an account haha] but for the life of me I can't find it anymore! So I had to just go with it and make my own:

Whoop whoop, almost fancy, and super easy to make! 
Want to make your own? Here is how!

Step one: Gather your materials. You will need a pair of scissors, metal washers [whatever size you fancy], and some ribbon [also whatever size and color you fancy].

Step two: Cut a length of ribbon quite a bit longer than you want your necklace to be. I used a little longer than an arm's length of ribbon [you can tell I'm really precise, right?]

Step three: Place one washer on your work surface right side up. Then bring your ribbon up through the bottom of the washer. Don't leave your washer right in the middle of the ribbon though otherwise one side of your necklace will be super long and the other will be too short. I would move the washer over to the left more...

Step four: Place another washer right side up on your work surface to the right of the last washer. This time, instead of coming up through the bottom of the washer with the ribbon, come down through the washer with it.

Step five: Feed the ribbon back through the middle of the first washer, coming down with the ribbon.

Step six: Pull the ribbon nice and taut!

Step seven: Feed the ribbon back through the second washer, coming behind the first washer and up through the little gap on the right side of the second washer.

Step eight: Place your next washer right side up and feed the ribbon down through the center. Continue this process for as long as you want your necklace to be, but leave room so you can tie the necklace back on your own neck! haha

Step nine: This was just a personal choice, but when you get to the end of your necklace, you can cut the ends at points so they look nice and clean.

And there you have it! A hardware necklace! Hopefully, my brother didn't need any of those... but he should know by now that anything he leaves unattended in the garage instantly becomes fair game heh heh.

As a little tip, I left my ribbon pretty long, so that I could either wear it long or keep it short. I'm actually pretty partial to the short look :D
[and hoorah for fresh out of the shower pictures! hahaha]

Happy Sunday!

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  1. Very neat! The colour of your ribbon is gorgeous and goes with the steel colour of the washers perfectly. Thanks for sharing at Etcetorize this week!