Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Ameri-Blanket

This past school year, Miss Carolyn started a crochet group at our college called The Hookers of Yarnia. We would sit in the basement of our dorm building every Thursday night and learn to crochet things. One of our major projects was to crochet scarves for charities, but we also just crocheted some things for fun. It was at this point that Carolyn taught me the magic of the Granny Square.

Four months later, the Ameri-blanket was born xD

It started out as just a simple granny square, no big deal. I wanted to learn the stitch. But then it kept growing. And growing. And I decided "Oh heck! Why not just turn it into a super patriotic blanket!"

It really was not all that difficult, it just took forever to complete because I have such a short attention span.... and the nearest Hobby Lobby is an hour and a half away...

But now it's complete! Ahhh, such glory; such patriotism.

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