Monday, July 9, 2012

More Bleach Tie Dye

I really need to stop making so many shirts haha.
I've just been mailing them to random friends, no fore-warnings or explanations, so I hope that they aren't getting annoyed with me... Oh well!

Here are two more that I whipped up:

I tried to use a medium pink shirt, but found out that the bleach did not effect this color as much as I had hoped. So, I just laid the shirt on the ground and dripped and splattered the bleach on it. Then I let the bleach dry completely and ended up kind of really liking the result!

After I saw the result of the pink shirt, I decided to try it on purple. I tie dyed it with bleach normally, washed and dried it, then splattered bleach [just with my fingers in a rubber glove] on this one too. I'm mailing this one out today, so I hope my friend likes it!

Yerp, I think I'll lay off the shirts for a while... Happy Monday!

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