Friday, February 20, 2015

Zentangles Vol. 1

(Why volume one? Because shhhhh. There will probably most likely be more.)

So I realized that I haven't posted any of my artwork in a while, and I don't really know why that is. It's not like I stopped drawing once I graduated, though I do admit that now that I have a full time job, it does kind of put a strain on my free-time/ability to function.

So I've decided that I want to start posting my artwork again because why not. This is a creative space, no? :]

One thing that I've been doing a lot of lately is doodling random zentangles/ patterned pieces. Though I have a confession to make-- I didn't know they were called zentangles until like... two years ago. I always just referred to this type of art as just non-representational works (thanks, good ol' art history class) so now I feel so pretentious calling them zentangles. Don't judge meeeee. Eh.

Zentangles Volume 1

The thing that I really like about zentangles is that I find them so mindless and stress relieving to do. There's no pressure to draw them "right." You don't have to worry about proportions or shading or have making them look like something specific. They're just so.... monotonous but in a really good way? Does that even make sense?

Zentangles Volume 1

 The way that I usually start mine is that I typically choose a motif or a couple of motifs. Then I just repeat those shapes over and over until I have a general flow that I like. It also helps me to think about positive and negative space, and whether I'm leaving any room for the eye to "breathe" (such as how I left large spaces of plain black and white in the above ones).

Zentangles Volume 1

And not all my designs are successful either. Like the one above? Not much of a fan. But I like to keep my mistakes and finish them because I sometimes the process of just creating something is what is important, not necessarily the finished product.

Zentangles Volume 1

I also bought a 24 pack of sharpies not that long ago and am having fun just messing around with them. By no means is my coloring neat, but hey, at least this was fun.

Zentangles Volume 1

(Fun fact-- this one was actually made from cutting up and collaging some weird demon money that this eccentric magic shop owner gave me....long story, not shady at all....)

Zentangles Volume 1

And sometimes the zentangles find their way into my regular, more representational drawings. I actually thought about cutting my hair like that (that's why I drew this) but then I realized that I am a giant baby nerd and would miss my hair too much.

But like I said-- I hope to get better at posting my artwork some more. When I started this blog, I really thought I would be doing more of the artsy posting, but that got a little bit away from me. So my question is-- would y'all like to see more? Or would you like me to explain my process/any art processes? Because I'd love to do more of that if you all are interested :]

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