Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Infamous Driftwood

I have always wanted to try painting on found objects.
Artists have been doing it for  fo-eva, and the other day I thought, "Hey, Becca. Why not just go ahead and do it already?"

And then the opportunity presented itself. I had the perfect object, and this was the perfect time. I painted... the Infamous Driftwood Bark.

Now, this piece of bark and me go way back. Well, not that far back really, but it still has a bit of history haha.
But one day this spring, actually it was one of the first nice days in spring, my friend Carolyn and her fiance Caleb invited some friends and I to a park that was just outside of campus. We grilled out, partook in some shenannigous behaviour [nothing illegal! We're some of the few good college kids out there, honestly!] and sang songs accompanied by my friend Andrew and his lovely guitar skills. But anyway, while trying to find stuff for our fire, Carolyn and I came across this little beauty. It was the coolest piece of bark because it actually kind of looked like driftwood.
So I brought the thing home, despite some odd looks from strangers and security guards, and put it outside of my dorm room door. My roommate wouldn't allow it inside...
But I told Carolyn that I was going to turn it into the tackiest thing I could think of and then give it to her for her wedding [which is this Saturday!!]. And if she ever got rid of it I would cry forever.
So the wood sat outside my door. Aaaand it sat there. And I put a note on it saying "Please don't steal me! I'm destined to have wolves and peace pipes painted on me!" And, despite the fact that I left it outside my door for THREE MONTHS, no one took it! hahaha

Tellin' you. Destiny. That's why it remained here.
And now I finally painted it and made it as tacky and cliche as I could. And am giving it to Carolyn tonight.

 Behold it's Native American-inspired  glory...

I wish I would have taken a little more time to plan this one out though, because it's clearly not the best painting heh heh. Instead of sketching or doing any sort of practice, I just started painting freehand on the wood with acrylic. Oh acrylic, how we have such a complicated past...

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