Sunday, July 22, 2012

Crocheted Dishcloths

So recently, I decided to whip up some crocheted dishcloths:

Ohhhh, daaaaang, you fancy, huh?
I searched the internet to find the patterns and I was AMAZED at the amount of resources out there. SO. MANY. THINGS. TO. CROCHET. I think you know what I'll be doing with the remainder of my Peaches and Cream brand yarn.

The first one is just a basic Granny Square. There are a million tutorials and patterns out there on how to make this one, but a good pattern can be found HERE.

I thought that this one was just too cute too! And the pattern can be found HERE.

This next one is probably my favorite out of the bunch. I stumbled across it on the internet machine and just KNEW that I had to try it out! You can make your own HERE

Aaaand, the last one. I kind of sort of... Lost the link to this one though xD But if I find it I will totally post it here!
If you're ever in need of dishcloths, I highly recommend crocheting your own! And I promise, its really not that hard. I just learned to crochet about a year ago and am a total novice still. And if I could make these, so can you!!

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  1. These are really sweet. I keep meaning to make some for myself but never get round to it!

  2. I love that they're all different. Great job. I think your cousin and his new wife will really appreciate these. So glad you linked up at Etcetorize this week~