Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Ripped Jeans to Shorts

I love making tutorials; I love to share the things I make, and I think it's fun when people share their process. Because let's be honest- who remembers exactly what they did 100 percent of the time? [Not me anyway... I instantly forget things.]
So I thought I'd maybe put some more tutorials together this summer :]

Let's start out with something easy though, yeah?

This has become somewhat of a yearly ritual for me. At the beginning of every summer, I recycle my beat up jeans into some more modest shorts [because I'm not entirely a fan of all the hoochie length shorts that stores try to shove on girls my age...].

Also, am I the only one who annihilates jeans during the winter? Because I feel like whenever I rip jeans, it isn't just a little tear. It's like they freaking went Titanic and destroyed themselves. Go big or go home I guess?

And I've learned that over time, covering the hole up with a cat simply does not work.... unfortunately...

So here is what I do! It's really common sense, but I just wanted to get back into the whole tutorial thing with something easy:

  1. Chop off the wreckage just above the top rip... or to a little longer than your desired length. Mine were [clearly] ripped pretty high, so I cut right above the rip to salvage a little more length.
  2. Fold them pants up and amputate the other leg.
  3. Fold the bottoms of the legs up twice on the outside and pin down, though I suppose you could do it on the inside too. I just like the looks of the outside hem better.
  4. Tack the hems down with a few stitches on the outer and inner existing seams. 

And there you have it! A brand new [old] pair of shorts from those ratty ripped jeans! Whoop whoop!

I'll be linkin' this puppy up HURR and to Savvy Southern Style, yo.


  1. Hi Becca! I love this and I featured you over at Monday Funday! Thanks for partying with us! Pinning to our Pinterest board as well!


  2. I can't even tell you how many jeans I have with ripped knees. I also don't own any shorts. Guess what I'll be doing today...

    I'd love for you to come share this at our Pinteresting Party!

    1. I know right? I always have so many pairs too!

  3. Hi there! I actually have a pair of jeans on right now that look exactly like your ripped jeans! And I still love them cuz they fit great. I told the hubs that I wanted to cut them but it takes forever for them to fray nicely, so this will be the perfect solution... I'm going to cut them up tomorrow! Thank you!

    1. I hear ya- it's like why let a good-fitting pair of jeans go to waste?
      Thank you!

  4. You are funny. Hanging the cat on your leg going about town didn't work for you??? I have to do this but the torn jeans are my son't so it won't quite work out the same way. Wish me luck! I used to sew a lot but it's for whatever reason, been a while.

    1. Haha shocking that it didn't work, right?! Good luck with your sewing though!