Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Painted Geometric Flower Pots

Greetings little fellas :]

How is everyone enjoying this Tuesday?
I know my cacti are enjoying today because, LOOK.

Cacti need a little love too, right? Just because they have a spiny exterior doesn't mean they don't yearn for companionship and attention just like anyone else...

[I have a problem with cacti actually. I've managed to kill about three or four cacti since freshman year, but it's because I LOVED THEM TOO MUCH. They always looked so thirsty, how was I supposed to know not to water them so much?]

Care to see how I did mine?
Here we go then!

Step One: First I gathered all my items: Pots [and their accompanying dishes], a palette [or other item resembling that purpose], acrylic paint, and a myriad of brushes.

Step Two: Next I painted just the rim of the pot. Pretty simple right? You can tape it off to get straight lines if you so please, but I like living on the edge sometimes [tip of advice: don't hold your breath while painting straight lines. I subconsciously tell myself to hold my breath whenever I paint or draw straight lines... force of habit... and I really don't suggest it haha].

Step Three: Plug and chug some geometric designs on there! Think straight lines and it's bound to be interesting! For example, with this one, I just painted the straight up-and-down lines, then added zig-zags between them.

Or maybe start with a zig-zag, and then go for some straight lines.

And there you essentially have it! To finish mine off, I painted the insides of the pots black, and then did a band of both white and then black on their little dish/coaster/holder things.

In the end, I'm sure the kids will love their new pots! These are my two newest babies by the way. In the back is Lucy [nice girl, diabetic], and in front is the newest acquisition from New Mexico, Flannigan [his species is Red-Headed Irishman. For real.]. I'm still working on pots for Scooter and Prickly Pete, so I'll be sure to post those as well!

Enjoy yer Tuesday!

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