Monday, January 7, 2013

Mason Salt and Pepper Shakers

Hey kids :]
I'm a little excited because I actually have a tutorial for you all. And it's seriously the easiest thing evvaar.

Mason jar salt and pepper shakers! Yes, I finally gave in and started making things out of mason jars, rather than just letting mine be sad and lonely in the pantry haha.
But we had no real salt and pepper shakers in the apartment, so I thought it was about time--

Here is how you can make your own! Seriously, its so simple and I don't know why I didn't do it sooner.

Step One: Gather your materials- jars with lids, a hammer and nail, and something to nail on top of [I just used a piece of scrap wood.]

Step Two: Locate the lids and mark them where you want to punch the holes. I marked one hole in the middle with six holes around it.

Step Three: Use the hammer and nails to punch them holes, yo. Just... don't use a super huge nail I guess... unless you like really salty food haha.

Step Four: Fill your new shakers up with salt and pepper, and you're ready to cook like a pro! A really... somewhat red-necky... pro....

I'd say mission accomplished :]

But yerp, linkin' up to Savvy Southern Style and other great parties OVER HER.


  1. You've just totally inspired me. Last year for Christmas I made some seasoning mixes to give out as gifts. It never occurred to me to poke holes in the mason jars they were contained in. I am definitely going to do that next year! Oh, and thanks for linking up to our Pin'Inspirational Thursdays. We love having you there!

    1. Oh man, giving out spice mixes sounds great! And filling jars like this with the spices sounds even better! What a great idea!
      Thanks for having me at the party!

  2. I made a basket of popcorn seasonings for a Christmas gift. I wish I would have found this sooner. A 'sprinkler' lid would have been perfect! Thanks for posting, I'm going to remember this for next time.

    1. Oh my goodness, popcorn seasonings as a gift sounds so wonderful! Great idea!