Thursday, May 22, 2014

Upcycled Dog Tag Jewelry

Oftentimes when I come home, I end up being confronted by my mother as such:

Mom: Becca. Look. I got these things.
Me: Yo. What. Oh. Okay.
Mom: Make something.
Me: Word.

*Direct quotes.

And it usually ends up with me creating something weird, but that's really no different than any other day of my life.
So last time I came home [... or some time... I don't remember... it was a little while ago], my mother showed me that she bought an entire jar of old dog tags. Why? Because of reasons I guess.

Therefore, I decided to upcycle them into some fun jewelry:

Upcycled Dog Tag Jewelry

I have never seen dog tag like these ones before, but she got them from an antique store in the next town over [shout out to the tag that says Lucifer on it].

Upcycled Dog Tag Jewelry

Once she gave me the tags though, I really just sat down and played around with some materials that I found in my basement: hemp, alligator clips, beads, glue, other items, and what not.

Upcycled Dog Tag Jewelry

I did three main strings on both the necklace and bracelet-- one to contain the tag, a braided hemp strand, and a last string with knots and beads.

Upcycled Dog Tag Jewelry

Then at the end, I just used some copper wire to attach all the strings together, then glued them with E6000 so that they stayed super-attached to the alligator clips. And just like that-- new life to old dog tags!

Upcycled Dog Tag Jewelry

Side note: take note of the hella-dope para-cord bracelet that my oldest brother made me. I like to tell people that he enjoys man crafts. Because it's true.

But yeaaaah. These were pretty fun to make, and it was fun to give new life to another old material! Now I'm tempted to make something out of Gypsy's old rabies tags just because... hmmmm....

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  1. Really cute, would be a nice sentimental gift for someone who lost a pet!
    Stopping by from the someday crafts blog hop.
    Sarah xo

  2. Sooo, so cute! Thanks so much for linking up to Freedom Fridays - you are featured at this week's party! :)

  3. This is so creative! My mother is a jewelry lover and very close to our dog... I'll have to show her this Dog Tag Jewelry. :)
    She will be very happy after seeing this beautiful Dog Tag Jewelry.

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