Wednesday, December 12, 2012

It's good to be back :'D

Hi friends.
Have I ever mentioned that I greatly enjoy oil painting?:

I swear, that is the FASTEST oil painting I have ever done.... 2 and a half days.... 16 x 20 inches... I don't even. NOT SLEEPING IS FUN, YEAH?
Oldest brother has been bothering me for the longest time that I should paint him a picture of a cow for his house. EEEEVERY time I see him, he asks "Where is my cow painting?" And I, like the loving sister I am, blatantly ignore his requests [I'm terrible].

So, in my free time I finally painted him a Christmas cow.

Look out for more nonsensical artwork in the month to come, I guess :]

PS: Linkin' up to these great PARTIES.

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  1. That's the prettiest Christmas cow I have ever had the pleasure of meeting!