Thursday, August 16, 2012

DIY Designer Candles

Howdy kids.

So here's a thing. BEHOLD:

I made candles :]
Well, not really. I decorated candles. One of my roommates can only tolerate unscented candles, so I decided to make some boring, unscented candles more exciting:

Here's how I did it too-- Step one: Gather your materials. I used some tall pillar candles, microns [or any other fine point PERMANENT pens] tissue paper, push pins, and some sort of cutting apparatus [I used my trusty xacto and a cutting mat].

Step two: Use your candle to cut your tissue paper to the exact height of the candle, maybe even a tiny bit shorter. You can then wrap the paper around the candle to find out how long to make the paper. You will only need about 1/4 to 1/3 inch of overlap.

Step three: Lay you paper down on some sort of surface [I used just a piece of printer paper] because the pen has a good chance of bleeding through. Then go ahead and draw whatever you want!

Step four: Wrap your finished drawing around the candle and push pin it together. You can also use drafting tape or painters tape to tape it down, which I found actually worked quite nicely.

Step five: Pull out your trusty blow dryer and BLAST that baby. You have to get enough heat so that the candle starts to melt a little and adhere the paper to the actual candle. You will be able to tell when this starts to happen because the wax will start to bead up through the paper.

Step six: Let your candle cool down and dry!

And there you go! Some designer candles for way less! I don't really know if you can burn these, but I wasn't really planning on burning them anyway, just have them as a display piece. To bad there is most likely no room for displaying things at the apartment haha

Added tip of advice: It really helps if you have a little kitty helper to watch over all your activities :]

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  1. love the new look of these candles! and cats always come in handy when it comes to DIY projects - they're great advisers! :)

  2. Love those candles! They are so pretty!

    My cat loves to supervise me while I'm cooking (aka making sure I don't drop any food). It's always great when you have a furry helper!

    Have a great day!

  3. Hi! Visiting from TT&J. You can also wrap wax paper around the outside of the tissue paper and the wax paper wax will melt through the tissue paper to adhere it to the candle. And I've never had a problem burning them-as long as you make sure the tissue paper absorbed the wax you should be fine!

  4. okay, that is SO cool. i cant wait to try it myself!

  5. I like your kitty helper! You are quite the artist. Thanks for sharing!

  6. How clever! Thanks so much for sharing with us at Link It Up Thursday.

  7. I am sure that cat probably thinks he knows more about this project than you do. Lol I love cats like that. Isn't it funny how you do all the creative work, and the cat gets most of the comments. Lol
    Thanks for sharing at Freedom Fridays.
    Have a great start to this years classes:)

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    Thanks for sharing...!!!

  9. such an innovative technique.. candles look so nice!!!! thanks for sharing
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