Thursday, December 27, 2012

Fringe Scarf

Greetings, compadres!

I think that my favorite gift that I made this year ended up being this one:

I made this fun fringe-y scarf for one of my very, very dear friends, Carolyn. And I really hope she ends up liking it! and if she doesn't... then... Idk. I plan on making one for myself anyway :]

AND WELL LOOK AT THAT. I took pictures so that you can make your own! Don'cha know.
So let's get started!

Step one: Find yourself three yards of fabric. I used a stretchy knit fabric in this pretty grey color, but I guess as long as you use something mildly stretchy and nice-feeling, this would work. Can you tell that I'm SUPER versed in all things sewing? [haha NOT EVEN. I just like to putz around with sewing...] But yeah. Take your three yards and fold it in half long-style. Then cut your fabric all the way down the fold you just made. Now you will have two long sections of fabric, but you'll only need the one to make the scarf.

Step two: LOOK, MORE OF MY INFINITE SEWING SKILLS SHOWING. Haha oh gosh. But yeah. On each side of the fabric panel, measure in about five or six inches. The measurement depends on how long you want your fringes to be. But since I'm terrible at making straight lines, I used a tape measure to keep the line straight.

Step three: Mark your straight lines with straight pins. This will tell you where to cut the fringes to. If you have a marking pencil [which I didn't] you could just use that if you want...
WARNING: This was where my cat entered. This was BY FAR his most favorite thing I have ever made... so if you have a cat, be aware that they LOVE to help with this project haha.

 Step four: Start cutting your fringes once you have both sides all marked out. I cut each of mine a half an inch each, but again, size is up to you.

Step five: Appreciate what a good helper you have.

Step six: Once you have all the fringes cut, turn the fabric once so that there is one twist in it, like the photo above. Then line up the two straight edges of the fabric.

Step seven: Sew up your edges, and you're ready to wear your new scarf! I hand sewed mine, but that's only because I'm not very comfortable with a machine. You can go ahead and machine sew it though!

 And there you have it: a fun fringe-y scarf :]
I very much enjoy odd scarfs, so I hope Carolyn enjoys it too!

 If you make your own, I'd love to see! I feel like this project can be much improved on, so I'd love to see if anyone whips up something fantastic :'D

And I'll be linking to these great PARTIES!

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