Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December Sketchbook and Goodbye 2013

Is it really time to say goodbye to 2013?
Really? I just got used to writing 2013 as part of the date...

Ah well, such is life. On to bigger and better things, right?

For my last post of this year, I thought I'd share some of the highlights of what has amassed in my sketchbook since the last time that I shared my artwork. Nothing too fancy, but I wanted to put it out there anyway [and maybe turn this into a regular monthly update thing].

Angel Sketch

I love sketching wings.

Cat Sketches

And cat facial expressions. THEY'RE SO PRECIOUS. Especially since the one on top is basically a self-portrait...

Red Panda Sketch

And who doesn't love red pandas? But for real though-- does anyone know what kind of sound they make? Because I imagine it being like a muffled hrrfrrfrrrr or something.

Compass Rose

I also managed to ACTUALLY do some colored sketches too. This one was inspired my compass roses.

The Magician

And sexy magicians. Nuff said.


Oh yeah, and welcome my newest OC-- Micah. He's another precious babe :] Because I have an obsession of making a disproportionate amount of male OCs... I regret NOTHING.

Micah Profile

I mean come on, look at that little faaaaace! [and the amount of washing out that my scanner did!]

But anyway, I hope to be able to draw more in 2013. The last semester really limited my amount of free time, but hopefully I'll be able to accomplish more in 2014--

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  1. Wow, you are one talented lady! I used to draw a lot in high school and college, but have let it drop off. I miss it...maybe it is something I should pick up again in the new year. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Aww, I'm glad you think so :] And I would TOTALLY advocate for picking up drawing again in the new year-- I'd love to see your work!

  2. Amazing sketches. You are very talented. I saw your post on "A weekend Blog Hop"

    Handmade at Warratahstree

  3. You are so talented, love your sketches :)

  4. Beautiful work! I can seem to cross mediums, I'm a lead gal through in through. Your shading is beautiful in your colours. Great work!