Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Handmade Window Table

Well howdy there :]

I haven't had a whole lot of time for crafting this week, but I thought that I would share something that I'm actually quite proud of.
In my sculpture class last semester, we were given the assignment to "build a piece of furniture using a found object." But it also had to somehow represent the artist. So this is what I made:

Window Table

I've been wanting to make a window table for quite some time, but never had the faculties or facilities to do it before. But when my professor was getting rid of some old windows at the beginning of the semester, I knew it was fate. So I drafted up some blueprints, flew by the seat of my pants [like always], and BOOM. Here we are.

Window Table

Despite how awful it is trying to photograph glass, I thought I would at least attempt to take pictures anyway.

Window Table

I kind of modeled the design off of antique country tables, and then just went for it. Somehow my math actually worked out, which I can assure you shocked the heck out of me haha.

Window Table

Its actually painted an antique white [I think "heirloom white" is the actual color name], and then lightly antiqued it with some black glaze.

Window Table

And this was how I displayed it for the actual critique. The way that I got it to conform to the actual assignment was I said that it explained my personality. I love antiques, as well as kitsch. I also tend to create rather tedious and obsessive artwork- so I embodied this by crocheting a 4' x 6' American flag to put inside it [which I will be sharing at a later date]. It's straight up ridiculous. Oh my gosh haha. But somehow my teacher went with it, so WHOOP.

But anyway, I just thought I'd share this one with y'all!

Happy Tuesday :]

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