Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Natural Upcycled Jars

Good morning sunshines :]
So I was playing around in the woods again and decided to collect some materials to make some upcycled jars. Here is what I came up with!

Want to make your own? It was super simple!
Let's get started:

First you'll need:

     -A jar. I used an old pasta jar, but anything with flat sides will do.
     -Some gardening clippers or anything that cuts twigs nicely.
     -Glue. This was the tricky part. I thought I could use tacky glue, but that dried too slowly. Then I tried hot glue, which worked, but I don't know how permanent it will be. so if anyone has a better alternative of glue, I'd love to know!
     -Finally, some twigs. A variety of sizes works best for visual interest!

Once you have all of your materials gathered, the assembly of this jar is really quite simple! First, make sure that your jar is clean and dry. Then, use the clippers to cut the twigs to the height of the jar. For mine, I did not make all of the twigs the same exact height. Some were shorter than the jar and others were taller, just to make it more interesting. Once the twigs are cut, you can start gluing them to the outside of the jar.

Continue gluing the twigs around the jar until the entire thing is covered. Then, take the twine and wrap it in different directions around the bottom of the jar. This serves as both extra support for the twigs AND as a little added flair!

And voila! A nice, natural upcycled jar!

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